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Common tumble drier faults you can fix yourself

Tumble Drier Faults that are an easy DIY fix

tumble drier
The following faults are covered here.

I am not an expert beyond DIY but I have fixed several machines over the years.

These basic checks could save you lots of money. All advice is offered in good faith and without liability, if you mess it it up do not blame me!

The following are covered, just hit the links at the foot of each page to move forward or click the links below. 

Tumble Drier Faults

Be very careful if you operate the machine with any part of the cover removed

1) Tumble drier is dead

Try the obvious. Check the power is on to it and the fuse in the plug has not gone AND that the actual socket it is plugged in to works with say a hairdryer. 

2) Power seems to be there but drum does not turn

This is either the belt or the timer. If you set it to operate can you hear the motor running? If so the belt has broken or fallen off. Turn off the power and pull the tumble drier out and turn it around. Usually there is an inspection area secured by a number of screws. Remove the plate and see what has happend to the belt. If it has broken then order a replacement, if fallen off see if you can put it back on. Usually you would have to start with the large wheel on the back of the drum and then go to the motor part. You may need to slacken the motor to get it on.

3) Drum turns but no heat

Firstly there will be a filter somewhere for the fluff. These should be cleaned frequently to solve this issue. Find and clean out the filter. Some machines have a trip switch which can be on the front or back of the machine. Pop your model number in to Google and see if you can find it. Machine model + Trip Switch might show it up. Sometimes they will re-set automatically once cooled. Clean the filter out frequently. 

4) Strange noises

Could be anything. Motor, bearing etc. Take the back off (see above) and see if you can find what is causing it. Turn the drum by hand. 

If your fault is there click on the link that best suits