The last large estate was built in Ickenham - Brackenbury Estate near West Ruislip Station on the old RAF base. Concern was expressed at the time about the increase in traffic through the Village, and housing density.

After some concern that Swakeleys would be bought by Burroughs and office blocks built on the site, Swakeleys House Limited, a group of local residents, bought the house, restored it and it was let to Bristol-Myers. -

The Compass Theatre was refurbished and re-opened by Prince Edward.

- It was the 650th anniversary of St. Giles Church. A covenant was made between the two Ickenham Churches.

- In 1983/84 the Ministry of Transport proposed to re-route the A40.

- In 1988, after public consultation and a Public Inquiry, it was announced that the Ministry's preferred route had been chosen - across part of Ickenham's southern Green Belt. A new Hillingdon Station was built.

Other concerns during this decade:

· Green Belt 
· Ickenham Marsh 
· Swakeleys Lake 
· Proposal by Council to sell of portions of school playing fields around the Borough; public opposition prevented this. 
· The M25 was being built, with the threat of more traffic coming from that to the A40 and through Ickenham. 
· Parking 
· Tidiness and litter in Ickenham 
· Proposed bridleway through Ickenham 
· Aerials on the roof of Douay Martyrs School 
· Leisure complex to be built on Hillingdon House Farm; again, public opinion prevailed. 
· Northolt Airfield 
· Proposal to build flats at 94 Swakeleys Drive 
· Section of Ickenham Green, north of railway line, taken by Council to extend Golf Course 
· Local flooding


In 1984 the Residents' Association celebrated its 60th birthday - we had 1,950 members. Ickenham Station car park was extended; in 1987 a temporary booking office was put in the car park while new ticket equipment was installed. The pavements in the Swakeleys Road shopping area were re-paved in 1987. In 1986 the name of the Hillingdon Show was changed to the Middlesex Show.

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